Establishing safe jobsites on day one and maintaining them throughout the entire project enables safety to remain the number one priority throughout the project.

Safety First

Safety Awareness

Midwest Associates provides on-site safety management services throughout the project. We raise safety awareness by being present and interacting with the contractors on a daily basis.


Our team is trained to identify and reduce risks during construction. We work with the subcontractors to develop and implement mitigation plans to keep people safe.

Conformance to Standards

We are fully trained and stay current with safety standards and industry trends. Our team is able to quickly identify practices and methods that are not in compliance.

Record Management

Midwest Associates has a proven system for documenting and tracking safety incidents, ensuring your project is safe and secure.

A Passion for Safety

“Safety isn’t just something that I do for a living – it’s my passion. Doing my job right means every person who steps onto one of my jobsites can go home to their families in the same condition they came to work that day.”

Chris Ramsey, Site Safety Manager