Quality Assurance allows clients to have confidence in their facilities, both during construction and at final turnover. These programs ensure that they receive the highest quality facility that fits their industry-specific standards and regulations.

Why Quality Matters

Conformance to Standards

Our process utilizes inspections and testing during the project to ensure quality standards are met. We are on site actively inspecting and working with the contractors to ensure quality.


We provide inspection and testing reviews during the project. Quickly addressing nonconformances while contractors are on site and prior to enclosure reduces cost significantly.

Owner Satisfaction

Our staff regularly reports results and conformance to quality standards during the project. Our clients are kept up to date on issues and know that we are tracking all open issues to resolution.

Document Control

Our QA program ensures that all of the quality, inspection, and testing documentation generated during the project is collected, reviewed, and turned over to the owner at the end of the project.

Maintaining High Quality Standards

“Maintaining quality standards before, during, and after the project is essential for client satisfaction. These high-quality standards from start to completion ensure building systems function as intended which equates to reduced rework and a low maintenance building.” Frank Obie, Quality Assurance Manager