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Posted By: Mike Dalka, Commissioning Procurement Agent

How can Midwest Associates’ procurement services add value to your supply chain?

The reason some of Indiana’s largest companies choose Midwest Associates’ procurement services is simple: net value. Understanding how that value is created, however, isn’t always as simple. Here are just a few ways Midwest Associates (MWA) improves supply chain performance for our clients.

One of the most common reasons clients hire MWA is to add professional expertise in an area outside their business’ core competencies. Our team has a broad range of experience, from pharmaceutical procurement to government services, and we have staff who are certified by the Association for Supply Chain Management. MWA can recognize and avoid potential setbacks before they occur, while rapidly solving problems that are frequent in today’s uncertain supply chain climate. By having our experts work on supply chain issues, our clients’ staff are free to focus on their own areas of expertise.

Another reason companies select MWA is to temporarily expand their own procurement department for large projects. For example, we were recently hired to procure all the equipment necessary for a client to convert RVs into mobile laboratories. MWA procured hundreds of items from twenty different vendors while our client focused on designing the workspace. We produced savings for our client through price negotiations, and added value by tracking delivery and handling returns. As an alternative to bringing in temporary staff, which can be an expensive and uncertain proposition, Midwest Associates offered a simple and reliable solution to get from concept to receipt verification.

Our experience in receipt verification, by the way, is another reason clients turn to MWA. Sometimes, complex equipment like air handlers or lab equipment need more than a simple checkmark on the packing slip. MWA offers receipt verification, change management, and other services commonly utilized on complex equipment purchases, and when bundled with our procurement services, we become a one-stop solution for every aspect of purchasing. With Midwest Associates, clients are able to use one PO and one service provider to efficiently progress from purchase to turnover package.

Our clients continue to choose Midwest Associates for our ability to provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), to add capacity on an as-needed basis, and for the convenience and security of our bundled services. In short, Midwest Associates leverages our expertise to produce value for our clients. We’d love to show you just how effective we can be on your next project!