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Highlighting Construction Safety

Midwest Associates’ Construction Safety team is currently onsite and leading the safety effort for one of MWA’s largest projects to date – the Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital.

For a sense of scale, the MWA Safety team manages 500 craftworkers each day. There are 35 contractors currently onsite. Our Safety team coordinates and manages another 20 safety representatives from the subcontractors. Our Site Safety Manager has reviewed over 100 crane lift plans. As of the end of March 2021, there have been 1,856,303 hours logged.

Of course, safety is about so much more than numbers. As MWA’s Site Safety Manager, Chris Ramsey, says “Doing my job right means every person who steps onto one of my jobsites can go home to their families in the same condition they came to work that day.”

Our Safety Managers develop site specific safety plans, handle contractor qualifications, conduct safety orientations, and provide audits, reporting, and incident management. To learn more about these and additional services our Construction Safety team offers, visit our Safety page or contact us today!