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TAB Project Update

Our Test & Balance team has been hard at work balancing the air and hydronic systems for Purdue University’s exciting Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway project. The project consists of two connected, five-story buildings named Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall. Located near the intersection of Grant Street and Northwestern Avenue in West Lafayette, this striking, contemporary building complex will also be a new gateway onto the campus from the east.

The new facility will serve the College of Engineering and Purdue Polytechnic Institute, providing a total of 255,000 SF of primarily instructional laboratories, faculty offices, design studios, and collaborative spaces. Many of the laboratories feature massive, open spaces with moveable partitions, lots of natural light, and leading edge amenities. There are labs capable of accommodating to-scale manufacturing, engineering, and construction experiences; as well as project-based teaching, research, and virtual labs.

To prepare for the scheduled January 2023 opening, MWA will also test and balance the installed laboratory fume hoods. Fume hoods play an essential role in keeping laboratory users safe by drawing harmful chemicals and compounds away from the user and out the exhaust system. MWA’s testing ensures the fume hoods operate properly and in accordance with local codes and the manufacturer’s specifications.

MWA’s goal is to ensure the new facility’s HVAC and hydronic systems work optimally; thereby, prolonging equipment life, improving efficiency, and providing a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for students, faculty, and staff.

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