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Service Highlight: Maintenance Planning

Midwest Associates believes turning over a facility should include the information and systems necessary to maintain it from day one. That’s why MWA’s Commissioning team offers comprehensive Maintenance Planning. Our process typically includes the following services:

  • asset data collection,
  • maintenance strategy development including frequency & work procedures,
  • building equipment Bill of Materials (BOM),
  • working with equipment vendors to identify recommended spare parts & stocking levels,
  • uploading data into a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Bundling commissioning (which collects asset data through the receipt verification process) with data loading and maintenance planning results in a more streamlined and cost-effective process. Also, facility and equipment maintenance information are available at startup rather than months, to years, later.

MWA develops maintenance strategies independently or jointly with an owner’s maintenance or reliability team, depending on the client’s needs. We strive to reduce the maintenance team’s burden and to ensure critical asset data gets uploaded to the CMMS in a timely manner. We can also coordinate training of staff on specialized equipment and confirm the maintenance team has everything they need to implement the maintenance plan.

We realize some owners are hesitant to invest in maintenance planning. However, it’s worth considering the costs and risks associated with the “Run to Failure” option. With this option, an owner relinquishes any control over when or how equipment breaks down. Can your facility afford the unexpected downtime while waiting for failed equipment to be repaired or replaced? What if this downtime happens in a research lab during a critical experiment or in a school lecture hall during a brief window for standardized testing? With proper maintenance planning, spare parts stocking, and execution, you can reduce unexpected failures and limit unplanned downtime should failures occur.

MWA understands that facilities along with all the equipment necessary to keep them running benefit from successful Maintenance Planning. To learn more about these and additional services our Commissioning team offers, visit our Commissioning page or contact us today!