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Thermal Imaging

Here at MWA, we sometimes get to feel a little like superheroes. Sure, we might not have Superman’s x-ray vision, but our infrared thermal imaging camera does allow us to “see” far beyond the visible light spectrum. A thermal imaging camera detects heat patterns emitted from an object, converts them to temperature, and displays them as images called thermograms. These images can help us detect and diagnose the following issues:

  • heat loss and air leakage in building envelopes
  • air leakage in critical climate control areas like labs and archival spaces
  • insulation deficiencies and moisture
  • abnormally hot electrical connections or components
  • heat created by excessive friction in mechanical equipment

For building envelope projects, we often conduct thermal scans in conjunction with a blower door test. Blower door testing creates a slight pressure difference between inside and outside, forcing air through any gaps in the building envelope. With the thermal imaging camera, we can “see” the warmer or cooler air from outside flowing into the space, allowing us to clearly locate the sources of air leakage.

Since the best thermal images are created when there’s a large temperature difference, we typically schedule the procedure at a time when there will be at least a 20 degree difference between the air outside and inside the building.

After the scan is complete, MWA submits a “super” Thermography Report which includes an executive summary, side-by-side pictures of the thermal images with their visible light counterparts, detailed explanations of each image, the thermographer’s certification, test equipment information, a color palette key, and any relevant notes or observations.

Contact us today! We’d love to demonstrate the awesome diagnostic power of infrared thermography!