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From the Frontlines: A Local Nurse’s Perspective

In the fight against COVID-19, our country and our world has faced many unforeseen challenges. Throughout the pandemic, we have come together to create safer spaces to live, work, learn, and heal in. Our healthcare facilities, hosting patients and frontline workers, represent one of the most crucial of these spaces.

One way Midwest Associates has been able to help is by working with our clients to improve Indoor Air Quality. MWA has had the privilege of providing Testing and Balancing services for many facilities, including hospitals, across Indiana.

We recently spoke with Ms. P. Berry, a nurse in Indianapolis, about her thoughts on the importance of Indoor Air Quality and having safe spaces for patients and healthcare heroes.

“I’ve been a nurse working on a COVID floor since March,” she said. “We truly take every single precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to keep our patients and staff safe. A huge factor to this is air filtering and control. All of our patients are housed in negative airflow rooms, which keeps the air inside the patients’ rooms from spreading into the outside air, such as the hallways.”

Since early in the pandemic, MWA has helped healthcare facilities ensure pressure critical spaces like isolation rooms were meeting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s current standards, while also converting an increasing number of existing patient rooms into much-needed temporary isolation rooms.

As Nurse Berry reminds us, however, sometimes these services do more than just make a space safer – they change lives for the better every day.

“The balancing of air is so important. It has helped keep all of our staff safe and healthy so we can do our part and help care for people. Honestly, we would be out of jobs without negative airflow rooms – meaning there would be no one to take care of those in need! It also prevents us bringing COVID home to our families. It makes me feel super safe and is part of the reason I haven’t contracted COVID yet even though I’ve been in direct contact with it for 9 months. I truly would not feel safe at my job without it,” Berry said.

Let Midwest Associates help ensure your indoor spaces are as safe as possible – contact us today to learn more about all of our Indoor Air Quality services.