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MWA Techs Featured in The NEBB Professional

MWA’s Test and Balance technicians share their stories about working in potentially high-risk buildings during the pandemic in the latest edition of The NEBB Professional, Quarter 3 – 2020. The article, titled “Midwest Associates Test & Balance Technicians Respond to COVID-19: Helping Create Safe Spaces for Treating Patients & Testing Essential Workers,” highlights the important contributions MWA’s technicians have made, some of the challenges they faced, and lessons they learned on projects across Indiana.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, some of the ways MWA has responded to clients’ requests have been by helping hospitals ensure they meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated standards, converting patient rooms into temporary isolation rooms, and helping companies quickly and safely provide much-needed testing sites for essential workers.

To read the article and learn more about the essential work our amazing technicians have been doing, follow the link here: https://www.nebb.org/resources/theprofessional/