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The Role of Quality Assurance at the Community Justice Campus

Midwest Associates is hard at work providing Construction Quality Assurance for the Marion County Community Justice Campus, or the CJC. The CJC consists of the Consolidated Civil and Criminal Courthouse, Adult Detention Center (ADC), Sheriff’s Building, and the Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC).

Our expert team is primarily assigned to the courthouse; however, we do assist in all of the buildings on a regular basis.

Each of our team members on site is tasked with different responsibilities. Whether we are attending meetings or reviewing the fine details of work being completed in the field, Midwest Associates is dedicated to ensuring the project is completed to the highest standards.

A large part of our work on this project consists of identifying deficiencies, reviewing the issues, and ultimately verifying they have been corrected. This process guarantees cost savings for property owners, as it reduces rework by identifying and correcting issues early in the construction process.

Our Construction Quality Assurance team is doing amazing work for the CJC project, including, but certainly not limited to:

1.) Supporting the concrete installation by reviewing and documenting most of the concrete placed on site. We help the concrete superintendent identify any potential field issues. We review elevated deck pours to ensure that the post-tension tendons, rebar, formwork, and embedded items are in per the plans and specifications. We walk with the engineer and/or 3rd party testing agency and record any deficiencies they find so that we can get them corrected prior to placement. We document the elevated deck and vertical concrete work through pre-pour cards, observations logs/maps, and Procore observations.

2.) Maintaining a pre-punch system for our concrete superintendent. Every Monday, the concrete superintendent and our team walk the building to identify deficiencies in the concrete finish and/or to document the corrections that have been made. This helps the concrete division make repairs while they have easy access to the areas before the other trades occupy the space.

3.) Reviewing the vapor mitigation system (VMS) and all of its components. We then help resolve issues in the field by facilitating communication with the VMS engineer and the vapor barrier manufacturer’s representative. We document the correction of all deficiencies using observation logs and Procore observations. We provide a similar service for the waterproofing of exterior walls and elevator pits. We often have more time to devote than the superintendents to really dig into the details of each system and ensure we are installing items per the contract documents.

4.) Attending the above ceiling walkthroughs at the AIC. We help document the deficiencies that are called out by the design team and owner’s representative. The list is published and distributed to all the subcontractors. After they have completed the necessary corrections, we come back to verify and document.

5.) Reviewing the air barrier in a similar way to the waterproofing. We meet with the subcontractor and identify areas that do not meet the manufacturer’s requirements, such as: wrong product, wrong application of the product, and/or any missed areas. Again, we document the deficiencies and verify they have been corrected.

Are you a property owner or project manager looking for a dedicated team to complete tasks like these, and more, to the highest standards? Contact Midwest Associates today.