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Healthy Buildings to Help our Economy

Did you know there are many economic benefits to healthy buildings?

As we respond to COVID-19 and this uncertain time for our health and future, safe buildings AND boosting our economy are more important than ever.

Harvard experts have found that by providing more opportunities to work, learn or reside in a more health conscious building, we will also be supporting the economy.

As we move back into “normal” life post-COVID, the economic benefits for property owners who are able to market their buildings as healthier indoor spaces will become increasingly apparent. John D. Macomber, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, explains “I think that the offices with the premier health story will get the premium rent and get the tenants, and the offices with a lagging health story will lag.”

Healthy buildings will be those that can claim improved Indoor Air Quality. Midwest Associates’ expertise in balancing HVAC systems and performance testing of mechanical systems helps property owners implement the necessary changes to achieve healthier buildings. These changes include increasing the air change frequency, increasing outside air ventilation, checking air filter installation & maintenance, and ensuring balanced room pressure differentials.

In the article "What Makes An Office Building Healthy",The Harvard Business Review states, "Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have estimated that improving indoor air quality in offices could add as much as $20 billion annually to the U.S. economy. This new calculus should inspire a new generation of highly justifiable investment in creating and operating a healthy building."

Contact us today for more information on how you can make your buildings safer for your tenants, employees, and more, while also doing your part to stimulate the economy.