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Steve Miller – MWA’s New TAB Manager

We are thrilled to formally announce Steve Miller as the new Midwest Associates TAB Manager!

A loyal employee with MWA since 2009, Steve put in years of hard work as a TAB Technician. When the opportunity of a promotion arose, Steve quickly made it clear that he was up for the challenge of a new role with new responsibilities – even shadowing his predecessor to learn the ropes.

We knew Steve was the perfect fit for the promotion because of his dedication and leadership skills.

Steve’s role is to lead our Test and Balance operations, focusing on client satisfaction and implementation and training of industry standards and specifications. His responsibilities include but are not limited to project management, manpower, equipment calibration, customer relations, record keeping, accounting and much more!

Steve says of his promotion, “I really do enjoy the new position. It is very busy and very stressful but very rewarding at the same time. Having such challenges to face on a day to day basis has not only given me many opportunities to learn and grow as a member of our team but also as a person in general.”

That’s not all!

In addition to the responsibilities of his new role at Midwest Associates, Steve has become a member of the ISA Leadership Development Academy!

ISA stands for Indiana Subcontractors Association. It is an organization that works to “improve the business environment for the construction industry”.

Steve is taking advantage of their educational opportunities and is enrolled in a program that teaches leadership skills, offers great opportunities for networking and presents guest speakers monthly from a wide range of entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders.

Get to know Steve more on the “Leadership” page under the “About Us” tab!