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Whether your project requires a Commissioning Agent,
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The Midwest Associates team is dedicated to working collaboratively with Clients, Designers, Construction Managers, and Contractors to ensure premium project results in system performance, quality, and safety.

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Cummins CEP

Client: Cummins

Services: Balance

Sectors: Manufacturing

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Muncie Campus

Client: Ivy Tech Community College

Services: Commissioning

Sectors: Education

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Monroe Hospital

Client: Prime Healthcare

Services: Balance

Sectors: Healthcare

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Focusing on Indoor Air Quality

As we continue to face the COVID-19 health crisis together, many property owners and business leaders are asking how to create safer places for people returning to work and school. One answer is to improve Indoor Air Quality.

HVAC systems can play a critical role in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria & viruses. Midwest Associates’ expertise in balancing and performance testing of these systems can help facility owners implement the necessary changes for improvement. We recommend prioritizing the following strategies:
-checking air filters for proper selection, installation, & maintenance,
-increasing the frequency of air changes,
-increasing outside air ventilation,
-ensuring balanced room pressure differentials,
-and evaluating existing equipment, ductwork, and controls.

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